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Gallatin County Emergency Management

Preparing Our Community

Serving Belgrade, Bozeman, Manhattan, Three Forks, West Yellowstone & Unincorporated Gallatin County.


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As we approach the Fourth of July Emergency Management encourages everyone to make “Safe Thinking” your motto as you are out celebrating.  Around the 4th of July holiday many people spend time with family and friends celebrating during our nice weather, but unfortunately the difference between a good time and an accident is a very fine line.  Emergency Management asks our community to think about the following thoughts while celebrating:

  • The grass is green, but vegetation and homes can still catch fire.  Think proactively about where you are setting fireworks off and where they will end up after being lit.
  • Fireworks are fun, but treat them with extreme respect.  Their behavior can be hard to predict and they frequently fail.  It is really easy to be harmed by fireworks as they burn extremely hot and will immediately burn skin.  Watch your kids closely.
  • Now is a great time to enjoy bon fires.  Ensure you safely construct your fire to keep it from accidentally spreading.  Keep a safe distance from the fire, every year people are injured from falling into recreational fires.
  • Don’t forget about your pet’s safety.  Keep them in a safe environment and ensure they have ID tags in case they get lost.

Gallatin County’s Final Draft of our combined Hazard Mitigation and Community Wildfire Protection Plan is available for comment until June 16, 2019. This document is designed to meet the need of two planning activities, one addressing all hazard mitigation activities of our community risks while the other focuses on wildfire.  For the combined process we evaluated our risks across the county and identify activities that could minimize the impact from those risks.  Visit our Game of Thrones Verre The Seven Kingdoms Chope black page to learn more or provide comment.

View Draft Plans

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Make “Safe Thinking” Your Holiday Motto

As we approach the Fourth of July Emergency Management encourages everyone to make “Safe Thinking” your motto as you are...

Well, thank our neighbors to the North in Alberta, Canada for the smoke here in Gallatin County.  Alberta currently has...

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Is Your Property Ready for Fire Season?
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Spring is a great time to make sure you are ready for wildfires.  Montana’s Ready, Set, Go! pamphlet was developed...

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SKYWARN Spotter Training
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SKYWARN Spotter Training with the National Weather Service Wednesday, May 8, 2019 Big Sky Fire Department, Fire Station 2 9091...

For more information on preparing for flooding, please visit our Flooding in Gallatin County Page.

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Are We Going to Flood?

Gallatin County has received a record amount of snow in the past month for that period of time with the...

Spring Run Off

As we move into spring the weather over the next 90 days will have a large impact on our spring...

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